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Job Market Integration Program for highly educated immigrants

Oslo International Hub is launching Job Market Integration Program, and you can join!


Job Market Integration Program

The program is designed to increase participation in the Norwegian labor market among highly educated internationals with a minority background who are currently living in Oslo. This is by creating professional and cultural upskilling training, as well as a mentorship program with ecosystem and consortium building functions.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to get a holistic view of the job market ecosystem in Oslo for highly educated internationals. As one of the selected talents, you will benefit from the full program in fall 2021, and receive resources to engage and interact, drive and grow with others.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use your human capital through a transformative pathway, amplify your influence and network, strengthen your position in the job market, and create more value for the Norwegian ecosystem.

The main focus throughout this program will be to reignite and develop the talent and educational background across individuals with a minority background. One of the strategic objectives is to provide a robust system of methodologies and tools encouraging a self-growth attitude that compliments the aim of professional and cultural integration in Oslo.

The Job Market initiative will mainly provide relevant guidance during training sessions, workshops, mentoring sessions and discussions, that will help to increase their opportunities to improve their job positions in the labor market. We aim to increase their knowledge of Norwegian business and work culture, as well as provide them with tools and motivation to create growth.

Deadline to register: as soon as possible, program begins on October 25th.

More about the Oslo International Hub can be found here

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