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The Fjord Oslo Light Art Festival!

Experience the Oslo fjord through an outdoor light exhibition, open November 3th - 6th.

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Stardust illustration Filip Roca 03

The Nobel Peace Center is decorated with a Stardust illustration under Fjord Oslo.

Fjord Oslo is a free art festival that transforms Harbour Promenade into an open outdoor exhibition of light, open to all.

From projections onto water and landmark buildings to spectacular laser installations, light sculptures, and immersive video work, the program of Fjord Oslo 2022 is dedicated to light art that invites conversation about how our individual perspectives influence our common future.

By taking art onto the streets for four nights, Fjord Oslo invites a social, powerful, and inclusive experience of art and light. Bringing together an international program of 11 artworks (five of them world premieres) from renowned light artists from 10 countries, Fjord Oslo 2022 is a broad exploration of light art.

Fjord Oslo 2022 will take place at Aker Brygge, City Hall Square, and Akershusstranda by Akershus castle and for the first time this year at Tjuvholmen. See the exhibition map here.

Fjord Oslo 2022

November 3th-6th 2022


-Aker Brygge

-City Hall Square


All installations are on display continuously during opening hours

See the complete program
Pressure 05 Nordic Lights Photo by Brian Medina

The light installation PRESSURE, which consists of over 300 meter-long LED tubes, represents impulses that run through us as individuals and as a society.

Photo by Brian Medina.

Get ready to be amazed by light!

Among the works are laser projections on the water at Astrup Fearnley Museum, spectacular video art on a water screen, an immersive installation with kilometer-long light beams at Aker Brygge and an astonishing transformation of the façade of the Nobel Peace Center.

You can see artists such as:

- Parallax by Tranzept- Aker Brygge

- Pressure by Hans E. Madsen & Frederik D. Hougs- Aker Brygge

- The Seat of Illusions by Jeremie Bellot - Aker Brygge

- Perspective by Anastasia Isachsen - Akershusstranda

- Porticus by Erik Matrai - Akershusstranda

-Great Minds by Aleksandra Stratimirovic - City Hall Square

- Sequence by Janis Petersons - City Hall Square

- Stardust by Filip Roca & Zarko Komar - City Hall Square

- Constellation by 1024 Architecture - Tjuvholmen

- Mimesis by Fuse - Tjuvholmen

-Re_Mind_er by Aneta Fodorova & Michal Hor - Tjuvholmen

See the video from the 2021 Fjord Oslo art installation!

Fjord Oslo is a Green festival

From the very beginning, Fjord Oslo has had environmental protection as one of theirs core values. In the inaugural year they were an official partner to Oslo European Green Capital 2019 and here are a few measures they do for the environment are:

  • Use of grid power
  • Use of existing city structures as a festival area
  • The festival area is traffic-free
  • Use of modern power-efficient light and projection technology
  • Optimized set-up and dismantling of the artwork
  • Cooperation with local cafes and restaurants. They do not offer food programs to reduce waste and the use of disposable plastic

They encourage their audience to walk, bike, or use public transport to get to the festival area.

What can you do?

  • Switch off lights at home
  • Walk, bike, or take public transport to the festival
  • Throw waste in bins
  • Return disposable plastic bottles
  • Have a great time!

They committed to finding solutions to make their festival even greener each year.

The Seat of Illusions 02

THE SEAT OF ILLUSIONS, an audiovisual art piece for projections, specially created for Fjord Oslo, explores the theme of perspective by playing with optical illusions on a giant water screen.

Parallax Illustration by Tranzept 01

Parallax Illustration its a kilometer-long, elegant moving beams of light and orchestral soundscape, the spectacular and site-specific PARALLAX creates dynamic and immersive perspectives that audiences can walk through on the bridge between Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen.

Fjord Oslo Art Festival info


All installations are accessible to everybody.

Getting there:

- By train: Closest train station is Nationaltheateret

- By subway: Closest subway station is Nationaltheateret

- By tram: The closest tram stops are Aker Brygge (Line 12) and Kontraskjæret (Line 12) which are both inside the festival area. Nationaltheateret tram stop (Lines 13 and 19) is also a short walk from the festival area.

- By bus: There are several bus stops serviced by many bus lines close to the festival area. The closest bus stops are Vika Atrium, Tjuvholmen, Dokkveien, Klingenberg, and Wessels Plass.

- By boat: If traveling from Nesodden, Ferry line B10 arrives at Aker Brygge in the middle of the festival area.

The easiest way to find your optimal journey is to use Ruter's journey planner.


Public toilets are available at Rådhusbrygga.

Great Minds Aleksandra Stratimirovic Nordic Lights Harbourfront Center Toronoto 01

Great Minds by Aleksandra Stratimirovic is a light monument dedicated to all creative people. With light as a universal language, GREAT MINDS embodies the birth of ideas and of a creative process where two brains engage in dynamic and brilliant brainstorming.


The Sequence is a light installation that gives you an impulse to move forward, at the same time giving you time to think and listen to your heart.

Perspective illustration Square 02

By combining shifting light and fog, translucent glass, evanescent engravings, and atmospheric soundscape, PERSPECTIVE creates an immersive environment in which nature, technology, and people together create a dreamlike and futuristic experience.

Ditzingen Porticus 3 0 Erik Mátrai Fotos Frank Kleinbach 1

PORTICUS is an ephemeral space where solid architectural elements such as columns become light and fog and, in this way, ask us questions about the foundations of our society.

Photos Frank Kleinbach

How much electricity Fjord Oslo uses, and how much it costs?

Someone has asked how much electricity Fjord Oslo uses, and how much it costs. Fjord Oslo 2022 has calculated an expected electricity consumption of 3,500-kilowatt hours (kWh). With an electricity price of NOK 3 per kWh, the bill will be just over NOK 10,000. With an audience of 150,000, which was their audience figure last year measured by Telia, this corresponds to a consumption of 24 watt-hours (Wh) per visitor. This corresponds to the electricity used to make a little less than half a cup of tea, a three-second shower, or watch TV for 12 minutes. When people go out to experience the light in the autumn darkness for a couple of hours in the evening, their reduction in electricity consumption at home will be much greater than the electricity consumption in Fjord Oslo.

For more information, please see Fjord Oslo’s digital channels: