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Oslo Culture Night 2022

Oslo Culture Night is a free event on 16 September that is all over Oslo, from the center of Oslo to far out in the neighborhood.

Oslo kulturnatt

Culture Night. Photo: Facebook Oslo Kulturnatt

Oslo Culture Night is the city’s great hail to the cultural scene, a get-together to highlight artists and institutions and to put them on the map. We wish to show off the many great cultural activities in Oslo.

The events include music and dance, art and literature, film and theater, architecture and design, exploration, history, and museums. The complete and updated program is on the Oslo Culture Night web page, so use it actively to get more information.

Facebook oslokulturnatt

Culture Night by the Oslo central station. Photo: Facebook Oslo Kulturnatt

Art and literature

The art experiences during Oslo Culture Night are a mere representation of the vast offer of the culture surrounding you in daily life. Much of the art you see in public spaces, such as sculptures and fountains, and wall-based art inside the municipal building belongs to the public of Oslo – courtesy of the City of Oslo Art Collection. Oslo Culture Night offers a unique insight into the institutions, as closed doors and more doors are opened, to give access to hidden cultural gems.

Established institutions such as the Astrup Fearnley Museum, The National Museum, The Munch Museum, the Vigeland Museum, Ekeberg Sculpture Park, and the Vigeland Park, are all part of the program.

Munch Museum Photo Einar Aslaksen 7067 F web 436x590

Art and literature: MUNCH – art experiences on all 13 floors! Free entry to Munch Museum during Oslo Culture night. Photo: Einar Aslaksen

Film and theater
Finally, we can experience the performing arts live and in person, and it is everywhere in Oslo this Culture Night. There are many highlights, performances on the screen, al fresco, or on stage. You can see a cult film in the outdoor cinema, or visit the stage at the Culture Night Hub.

Omvisning på Nationaltheatret

Film and theater: Get a Tour of the National Theatre during Culture Night. Photo: Oslo Kulturnatt

Architecture and design
The city’s entrepreneurial drive has changed its silhouette and given Oslo new public spaces and attractions. What is in vogue within graphic and industrial design, we wonder. From fonts and everyday objects to large reference buildings – this category has something for everyone.

Omvisning i høyblokken kulturnatt

Architecture and design: During Culture Night you can visit Høyblokka and the Art exhibition in Regjeringskvartalet. Photo: Oslo Kulturnatt


Explore all that is painful and difficult, from the city’s Spikersuppa to the dockside Sugar cube, get close to petting animals or close to God, find bodyscapes, peaceful escapes, cruise, or quiz. Explore the jungle in the library. Norway’s many explorers lead the way during Oslo Culture Night. From chasing feathers to the calibration of notes, from high up in the tower to far down into the sewer, from man undercover to man-hole covers, from water to fire.

Tårnvekterrommet i Oslo domkirke og Grønland brannstasjon

Explore the Tower guard's room in Oslo Cathedral and Grønland Fire station. Photo: Oslo kulturnatt

History and museum
There is much that we have forgotten that we knew, and much that we know we have forgotten. Get the long lines of Norwegian history told in short doses, or if nothing else, get a completely different experience of the museums at night. We look forward to revisits and new stories about old news. Live in the now, or way back before, when all things were better. Historical Museum, The Folk Museum, The Nobel Peace center – let history show the way. As Winston Churchill said – to know where we are going, we must know where we have been.

Utstillingsbesøk på 22 juli sentret kulturnatt

History and museum: Visit the 22 July center at Oslo Culture Night and see the exhibitions scar and Samtalen om 22. Juli. Photo: Oslo Kulturnatt

Music and dance

This year’s Culture Night reflects the wealth of music and dance in Oslo – you will see everything from printed sound sculptures which read the room, parkour in the Old Town, World Jazz, and seductive music on Svanen. You’ll at least have the freedom to choose your own path/route. With a range of performances from young dance students to old shanty singers, established medieval ensembles to the most ultimate within music, your route and your experience are guaranteed to be unique.

Norsk militær kulturnatt

Music and dance: Norwegian military has a display during Oslo Culture Night at Akershus festning. 2022: Mini-tattoo. Photo: Oslo Kulturnatt

Oslo kulturnatt 2019

Oslo Culture Night during 2019. Foto: Camilla Storvollen /Kulturbyrået Mesén