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Survey for internationals in Norway

Calling all internationals in Norway! We need your input for a survey.

Survey for internationals in Norway 1

Osloregionen is currently conducting a survey for internationals living in Norway.
The purpose is to get input on the challenges internationals face when moving to Norway. It could be issues with getting a D-number, og a bank account or anything else. The objective is to make the Oslo Region more accommodating for internationals, and we understand there are several barriers that we need to address with the government in order to do that.

Click here to answer our short survey

- Who should answer?
Any non-Norwegian nationals should answer this survey. It could be students, expats, working professionals, lovepats, researchers. It doesn't matter if you arrived in 1981 or in 2019 - your input is valuable

- How long does it take?
It will take approx 4-5 min to fill in, or shorter if you are quick at answering the questions

- Is it anonymous?
Yes it is!

- When is the deadline?
March 28, is the final day for the survey

- Where do you fill it in?
Here is the link https://no.surveymonkey.com/r/...

- I have a friend who should fill this in...
Great! Send her the survey link and ask them to reply!

Who is Osloregionen?

Oslo Region Alliance is a collaborative membership organization representing 65 local municipalities and over 2 million residents in Eastern Norway. The goal is to strengthen the region as a competitive and sustainable region in Europe. A core driver of success is to attract highly skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and investors.