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Recruitment agencies are looking for you!

Oslopolitan is working with two recruitment agencies - learn more about them here

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Recruitment agencies act as the go-between for employers and job seekers and work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates to fill job openings.

When an employer needs to hire someone, it provides the agency with a job description. The agency then uses this description to search the pool of CVs in its database to match job seekers to vacancies.

Alternatively, they post a job advert online to attract applicants - before drawing up a shortlist. The employer will then pick its preferred candidates from this shortlist, and ask the agency to coordinate interviews.

You may also access jobs that are not officially posted through the two recruitment agencies.

These two recruitment agencies are working with Oslopolitan to recruit international talent to the Oslo region.


Oslo-based recruitment company specializing in tech, product, management, sales, and marketing roles. Our unique methodology transforms the hiring process through the data-driven acquisition of human potential.

See their job openings for clients


AvantGarde Search

A recruitment consultancy working with some of Norway`s most ambitious and fastest growing tech companies, recruiting to both management positions, technical positions, design positions, and positions within sales and marketing.

See their job openings for clients

Avant Garde Search