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Oslo is the best city for Software Engineers

Looking for a great career move and a great life outside of work? We welcome all tech talents and software engineers to Oslo, there are plenty of jobs available 🚀

Software engineer landing photo

Zhang, Shruthi and Jan have all moved to Oslo to work as software engineers

Oslo is one of the fastest-growing capitals in Europe. The city region has become home to global innovators and a range of exciting and ambitious new businesses and startups, accelerators, entrepreneurial programs, and global cooperations and companies are now located right here, in Oslo. If you are looking for software engineering jobs - just look to Oslo!

If you are looking to work for a company that is making the world a better place - look to Oslo! Huffington Post wrote about our "tech for good" companies. And did you know that Oslo has produced 5 unicorns, in just a few years? It's booming!

If you are a software engineer, you are a sought-after resource, and companies are eager to get you on their team. You can choose from any sector, a large company, or a smaller one - we know there is a right fit for you here in Oslo.

What about outside of work?

Oslo has easy access to nature as well as amazing food, nightlife, and cultural events. Join music festivals like Øya and Oslo Jazz Festival or the Ekeberg sculpture park in the summer. In the winter, you can go skiing or visit one of the many museums, and travel throughout Norway to see our gorgeous country.

If you are looking for a safe and stable city, with easy access to the city, Oslo is the right place for you. we strive to be a 15-minute city, with access to everything within a short distance

Oslo is always looking for the opportunity to support the next big, green, sustainable idea!

Register in the Oslo Talent Pool for your software engineer career.

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Register in the Oslo Talent Pool and your profile will be screened against vacant software engineering positions in the region. Companies are actively looking for the next talents, and we want to help you find the best opportunity.

Let us convince you why Oslo is the right place for you and your career, and find you the best possible companies to work for.

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This is Oslo, we are Oslo.

Young and ambitious.

flat work hierarchies.

urban community surrounded by nature.

diverse and inclusive.

work-life balance.

tech-savy, creative and straight forward.

Driven by curiosity and happiness.

This is Oslo.

Interested in sustainability and want to live in a city that takes the environment seriously?

For Oslo, the fight against climate change has been a priority for years.
As the 2019 European Green Capital, the city reconfirmed its ambition to be climate neutral by 2050, with the first step of cutting 95% of its emissions by 2030.
To do so, the Oslo municipality and government have introduced emissions-free buses and taxis, and construction is "going green" with buildings that are energy efficient thanks to smart technology, and construction sites that are carbon neutral.

Did you know that Oslo is recognized as the top greenest city in the world?

Or that Oslo has the highest number of electric vehicles per capita of any city in the world?

Work in Oslo as a software engineer, and you will live in the world's most sustainable city.

Let us welcome you to Oslo, where you can be yourself, achieve your goals, and lead the life you want to live 🤩


Oslo is the capital and biggest city in Norway.

Oslo has close to 700 000 inhabitants, and the Oslo Region has 2,2 million (the largest region in Norway).

The city is on the radar of more top tech talent. Green tech, the circular economy, fintech, and maritime have all seen an increase of interest.

Recognized as the best city in the world for work-life balance!

47 percent of all companies in Norway are based in the Oslo region.

There was a 66% increase in scaleups between 2010-2019, and there have been 5 new unicorns in the last 3 years.

Oslo is very multicultural! 25 percent of those who live in Oslo are either born in another country or have a parent born abroad.

Software engineer Zhang

Zheng works as a software engineer for Aidn

Software engineer Jan

Jan works as a software engineer for Nordic Semiconductor

Oslo Talent Pool - how does it work?

Currently, Oslopolitan is working to recruit international software engineers to the Oslo region.

If you are interested and curious about working in Oslo, register in the Oslo Talent Pool, and we will work to match your profile with concrete companies who are eager to hire talent like yourself. You will be contacted and learn more about the job opportunities.

We want to make it easier for your profile to be discovered by companies in Norway, and at the same time show you what Oslo can offer in terms of life and career.
If you want to be matched - register before October 16th!

- Companies that are a part of our campaign

- Recruitment companies that are a part of our campaign

Why do we do this? Companies in the Oslo region really needs more software engineers and we want to help internationals find their dream job in Oslo!

Get matched with participating companies looking for software engineers!

Shruthi works as a QA Engineer in Norigin Media

2022 Launch meeting

Read more about the companies who want to recruit software engineers