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Business Developer Kai recommend others to move to Oslo now: – The tech scene here is booming

Kai Kreos is a 28-year-old Business Developer from Estonia. She moved to Oslo in March 2021 to work for the Norwegian tech company Kindly. Kindly work with e-commerce and AI, and Kai’s responsible for expanding in the international markets.

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Why did you move to Norway?

– It's a long story. I’m Estonian, my husband is Slovak, so we are already an international couple. He got a job offer in Norway that was too good to refuse. We made the move in transitions. I commuted for a while, but in March we decided that we would both move here. I applied for a job, got a job at Kindly, and made the move.

What is it like to work for Kindly?

– It’s nice to be at the office. We have a good work culture where everyone is super friendly and I feel like Norway, in general, has a great balance between your work life and your personal life. It’s fun to work in Oslo and especially at Kindly. My work these days mostly consists of being in meetings with international companies, mostly in the Baltics. I help them to pinpoint what problems they might have with their e-commerce strategy and sales. Then I give them suggestions as to how they can use automation and AI to achieve better results.

What is the tech scene like in Oslo?

– Norway is known for older industries like oil, gas, and fishing but right now the tech scene is booming. It’s a good time to move here because the tech field is growing so fast. I would recommend jumping in right now because in a few years I expect it to be even bigger and better. You can be a part of something big in Oslo.

What is your social life like in Oslo?

– I moved during the global pandemic which was a bit tough in the beginning. But from the start, people here have been very open and accepting and almost everyone speaks English which has made the transition to a new country easier. Norway is known for its welfare so their whole system supports the move and it’s been very smooth. There are so many international people living in Oslo so it’s easy to find other people in a very similar situation to your own. People like to go out and socialize. Prices here are high, but the salaries match the prices. Going out with friends to both restaurants, bars, and on hikes are normal and I do that quite a lot.

What is it like to live in Oslo?

– Oslo is a big city but it feels like a combination of many smaller communities. Walking around in Oslo you see so much diversity. Every area in the city feels different. And of course, Norwegians go outdoors hiking a lot, and Oslo has several nice hiking tracks nearby so you can take the subway or your car and easily go for a hike. Nature is amazing and Oslo is a great city to live in. It’s a good balance between outdoor activities and urban life with restaurants and bars. I’m a huge foodie myself and the food culture here is good.

What is your favorite thing about moving here?

– You have a lot of opportunities to grow professionally but at the same time, it doesn’t stand in the way of your personal life. You can actually have both and I like that. Also, the restaurants here are surprisingly good!

Curious about Oslo?

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