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Expats of Oslopolitan

Are you living in the Oslo region and would like to share your life with other expats and skilled workers living in Norway, and to others who are considering moving here for work? We are looking for international ambassadors who can showcase their life of Oslo and are willing to share their experience with other internationals, is this you?

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Vippa in Oslo

Oslopolitan is creating a brand new Instagram account and we want YOU to join as an ambassador!

The account is called Expats of Oslopolitan, and will be an account for internationals, by internationals. The purpose is to show what it's like to live in Oslo for people who are curious if it's a city and region for them, newcomers who are looking for tips and tricks of being here and the more seasoned expats who have been here for several years.

We want it to be a channel were followers every week get to meet a new ambassador, and get to know their best tips for the region. Hopefully we can create a community and a place where you can learn, get inspired and show that there is a community of internationals (and locals) here to support you.

What does that mean to be an Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you will show through social media what your life is like, what you do in your free time, and maybe share what your experience with moving to Norway and Oslo, and generally what you want to share.

The insta-take over will last Monday through Sunday, and during that time we hope you share both posts and stories (maybe reels?) about life. If you managed to make it interactive with polls, questions etc. - even better!

This is a place (and the time) to share the information you wished you had before moving here!

Why should you become an Ambassador?

We know that moving to Norway and the Oslo region can be daunting for many, and there are many who often feel like they don't know where to find information. If you, and other ambassador share tips, tricks and good ideas for how you have settled in, then that will likely help others who are now where you were.

Take a look at how Expats in Denmark works, we hope to create something just as engaging and fun (and hopefully better!).

What do you get for becoming an Ambassador?

If there is one thing we know, it's that we don't want to forget about you after you have had an insta-take over.

We will therefore:

// Invite our Ambassadors to events and happenings throughout the year

// Create a community among the Ambassadors, but also broaden the community with other fun initiatives

// Give you time and space to advice the city and the region on the needs of international talent/student/foreign workers like yourself.

// If possible, we hope to offer courses on things that are practical, anything from resume, to LinkedIn course, to how to build a network, or maybe even on taxes?

// We also want to build up a pool of special offers that's available only to our ambassadors. We aim to create a list of businesses owned and run by internationals like yourself, so we can support the community.

Maybe you have a suggestion?

We want your input on how we can make this community as fun, engaging, interesting and worth your while!

Keep in mind that we will never pay anyone for their participation in a Insta-takeover, as this community deserves to hear real stories, from other internationals who want to give back.

What should you post about?

  • Anything you would have like to known!
  • Your favorite place to pizza, coffee, drinks etc. (pick your poison)
  • Best hang-out spot
  • Top 3 stores to visit
  • Your recommended gym/hike/Sunday walk?
  • Tips on how to rent an apartment?
  • Showcase an event you are attending?
  • Post from a trip you are doing in the Oslo region (check this map to get a feel for what's the Oslo region(

Who's behind Expats of Oslopolitan and the Oslopolitan?

The Oslo Region Alliance is the host of the Oslopolitan, and it's a membership organization of 64 municipalities in and near Oslo. The goal of the organization is to strengthen the region internationally as a competitive and sustainable region, and one of its initiatives is to promote Oslo is a place to live and work. We also work on international talent attraction and retention, because we and our businesses are so dependent on getting more people to wrok here.

We do this in a few different ways:

  • Work to support internationals living and working in Oslo
  • Offer information through Oslopolitan
  • Work politically to make it better for those already living here, and easier to relocate here as a skilled worker
  • And now we want to support the community by creating a Insta-takeover account where internationals can show their real Oslo, instead of publishing "ads" about Oslo. We want to showcase what Oslo is really like - and who better than those who already live in the region ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค
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