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Oslo travel guide

The Times has written about Oslo: What to do, where to stay, and why you'll love it. "In a country as obscenely beautiful as Norway, you might expect the capital to be a knockout — and you’d be right. This is a city caught between land and sea, reaching out to touch its namesake fjord and bordered by wooded hills that ripple north to eventually become cloud-tickling mountains. Oslo is defined by its theatrical geography, light, and the whims of the Nordic weather: from the never-dying days of midsummer to the snows of winter."

. Oslo travel guide

Oslo - the most sustainable city in the world

Dutch company Arcadis recently released the 2022 edition of its Sustainable Cities Index, which judges and ranks 100 cities on how sustainable they are. And top of Arcadis’s study this year is… Oslo! The Norwegian capital is praised for its exceptionally green public transport system, an abundance of leafy spaces, low energy usage, and clean air. The city both topped the overall ranking and came top for environmental sustainability.

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- Norwegian institutes are in the lead in finding new solutions to batteries, hydrogen and solar energy

Anne Strømmen Lycke is the CEO of the Norwegian research institute NORSAR. Her institute's main goal is to listen to and monitor the Earth to create a safer society. The institute sector is doing research for the industry, and are at the very applied end of research projects. Anne has gathered some tips to investors looking to invest in the Norwegian institute sector's project and spin-off's.