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Oslo is a truly unique compact capital that's small enough to give people, companies and ideas visibility, and resourceful enough to be a pioneering springboard for growth. The growing population of young, digitally savvy and highly educated entrepreneurs has created a strong thirst for knowledge and innovation throughout the region.

Oslo offers a safe, free-thinking environment where you can pursue your ambitions and set your own pace. Here, you can experience an egalitarian society with an organizational culture based on collaboration, transparency and trust.

Illustrations by Audun Gjerdi

Tips for job seekers

NAV has produced a summary of useful advice and guidance for people hunting for jobs. The aim is to help you become a good job seeker so you have a greater chance of finding work you will enjoy.

Work in Oslo as a Software or DevOps Engineer!

In November and December 2021 Oslopolitan partnered up with 20 companies who were eager to recruit international talent to positions as Software or DevOps Engineers.

Oslopolitan Job Board

Find job openings posted by employers in the greater Oslo region.