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The Oslo Region Alliance has worked with many partners over the years to highlight Oslo as a destination for tourists, work, investments and businesses. To support this collaborate work, Oslo Region Alliance together with Visit Oslo and Oslo Business Region have created a Brand Management Strategy and a guide businesses, muncipalitites and others can use when promoting Oslo. In addition, the State of the City reports evaluates Oslos recognition internationally

Oslo: State of the City 2020

Drawing from a database of more than 500 global indexes spanning 20,000 data points, "State of the City" assesses Oslo’s current performance, covering topics such as Oslo’s emerging status in the green economy, startup friendliness, and the city’s performance on diversity.

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The Oslo Region Brand Management Strategy

As Oslo’s population grows, the metropolitan region is developing a distinctive metropolitan character and becoming more dynamic, integrated and internationally interdependent. The Brand Management Stategy is about building identity and finding our own voice, deliberately developing and demonstrating Oslo´s values.

Check out Oslo Brand Guide for an easy overview how you can include the Oslo Brand in your work.

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