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Software Engineer Emel loves the active lifestyle of Oslo

Emel Varol is a 27 year old Software Engineer from Turkey. She moved to Oslo two years ago to work at the Norwegian IT-company Cognite.

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Why did you move to Norway?

– I got some messages on LinkedIn about job opportunities in Norway, especially in Cognite, which is a growing company. After some research, I thought it looked interesting and I wanted to take the opportunity. After an initial round of interviews, I got a job offer as a software engineer at Cognite, and I took it.

What is it like to work at Cognite?

– Many of my colleagues at Cognite are quite young, like myself, which makes a great environment. On my team, we are mostly the same age. Cognite is a fast-growing company and it is exciting to be a part of the growth. People are really open to new ideas here and the work environment is very flexible. When I first started working here it was in a different role and team. After a while, I wanted to try out other things in the company and my manager welcomed it. He said that their main goal is to encourage their employees to try new things and are open to us switching teams. I ended up in a new role that I am really happy with.

What is your social life like in Oslo?

– I have some friends here, both from Turkey and from work. Covid has made it a bit difficult to get to know new people, but now that things are cooling down I feel ready to go out and meet other people as well. In Oslo you can easily go hiking, the nature is close and easy to access. I just take the metro and go for a hike in the woods. That’s really nice, and something I didn’t have the opportunity to do in Turkey. Living here has made me a more active person. My environment and friends here also encourage a more outdoors-based lifestyle. Norwegians in general are really active.

What is the tech scene like in Oslo?

– In Oslo, you find many startups that are open to hiring if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor and help build a company. There are also big and established companies if you want something more stable. There are many options and opportunities in Oslo. Once you live here you become a very attractive candidate in the Norwegian tech market. Since I moved here two years ago I have been getting more messages from recruiters, so there are definitely job opportunities here if you want them.

Do you have work opportunities here that you wouldn’t get back home?

– The main thing is the international network you get in Oslo. In Turkey, it’s usually only locals working in tech, but in Norway, it’s a more international environment, which I like. It’s good to learn from different cultures and experiences. The Oslo tech scene is hiring from all over the world and collecting really talented people that you can work with and learn from.

What is your favorite thing about Oslo?

– For me, it’s the easily accessible nature and the international networking. But also that the city and its people are so calm, it feels very peaceful here and less stressful.

Curious about Oslo?

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