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Family hiking opportunity: Sæteren gård

Oslo offers lots of hiking day-trips for families, but there are also great options for those who want to stay the night. An international family shared their experience at Sæteren Gård with Oslopolitan, to inspire others to utilize the great outdoor options in Oslo.

Jan Kenneth Gussiås DNT Nasjonal turbase

Sæteren Gård is a cabin owned by DNT Oslo og Omegn, and is open for visitors all year long. As an eldorado for both children and adults, it is visited all year long, and offers plenty of activities and overnight options.

General information from Sæteren Gård

Sæteren Gård has a café that is open during the school year on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The farm is a popular destination for families, school classes and kindergartens since we have a range of activities for children - from tobogganing during the winter to a climbing course during the summer.

Café opening hours: Wednesday 11.00-14.00, Saturday and Sunday 11.00-16.00.

Sæteren Gård does not provide food or supplies so guest have to bring whatever they may need along with them.

Tips from the the international family:

We paid a fee to camp at Sæteren Gård (their website is stating 175kr for per tent) — can pay at the cafe or direct vipps. We got access to toilet, water, and could purchase firewood or charcoal for the firepit etc.

It was not as “adventurous” as wild camping but a lot less to carry or worry about - I think it’s also a good place to try test out camping with children. There was two other family tenting at the farm with us (we visited Mid-April) . As it was not really camping season yet, it was still cold at night.

Sæteren Gård have a really nice (and free) hinderløype (obstacle course), and plenty of activities for children and adults. Children from the age of 5 will enjoy the obstacle course. Children who are younger will likely need some help as there be some ropes out of their reach. For younger kids there are two swings near the main cabin.

Sæteren gård have also two short hiking routes for families; one is themed as nature and one with a fairy theme. The nature theme hike leads to a waterfall, whereas the fairy tale theme route leads to a river with some surprises for the children (fairy tale route is shorter and easier to test out with young children). However 3-year old can do nature route easily, in a relaxed speed. I would recommend doing both.

During the day, there are quite a lot of visitors to Sæteren Gård, where visitors can go for hikes, have picnics or enjoy some of the facilities. When we were there, there was a queue at the obstacle course at peak hour (afternoon). So we were actually quite glad we had decided to stay the night, and could therefore use the climbing area when there was fewer people.

Sæteren Gård is 2.4 km from Øverland parking. It’s gravel road with small hills so easily accessible with strollers, bike trailers, kids with bikes/balance bike.

- Click here for route info

- Click here for overnight stay options and rentals

Note: Sæteren Gård is also a campsite for children and there is therefore a ban on alcohol in the entire area and must be quiet in the entire outdoor area from 23:00 to 07.00.


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