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Our tips for Easter in the Oslo region!

Easter for Norwegians is often synonymous with cross country skiing in the sun, eating oranges and lamb (not at the same time!), reading crime novels, and getting a big Easter egg, filled with candy and other treats. What are your Easter plans?

Vigelandsparken VO07726 Foto Didrick Stenersen

Photo: Didrick Stenersen/Visit Oslo

How to celebrate Easter in the Oslo region?

We are sharing some tips of our best tips for how you can spend your Oslo region Easter!

How about an urban Easter walk in a neighbouring city, with art, history, and early spring flowering, dine-in or take-out from your favorite restaurant, and enjoying the sun? Happy Easter!

First - some easy and fun day trips around the Oslo region


Go for a walk around the Vestfold archipelago! Check out the easy coastal trails where you can walk or bike around the edges by the water and take in the spring weather. We suggest the route from Falkensten in Horten to Åsgårdstrand which is approx. 13 km one day, and pass by "Karljohansvern", a national fortification, and the house where the painter Edvard Munch once lived.

Bring a "nistepakke" with you, or find a café along the hike, but remember to check opening hours during Easter. You can get to Horten by train and bus. Here is some more info on the trail itself.

Check out Visit Vestfold more more tips.

Fredrikstad and Halden

Step back in time as you wander through the cobblestone streets of Fredrikstad's Gamlebyen, one of Europe's best-preserved fortified towns. Discover the well-preserved ramparts and picturesque wooden houses that line the winding streets, and check out the rich maritime history that permeates this charming city. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the iconic Kongsten Fortress, which offers panoramic views of the city and the glittering waters of the Oslofjord.

Another town known for its coastal charm, venture to the idyllic town of Halden, where centuries-old fortifications stand as a testament to Norway's military past. Explore the imposing Fredriksten Fortress, perched high above the city, and soak in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Then, wander through the town's quaint streets, lined with colorful wooden houses and inviting cafes, and discover why Halden is considered one of Norway's best-kept secrets.

Visit Østfold is your go-to page for these visits

Ringerike and Hadeland

Have you heard of the Twist? It's a world famous building at the Kistefos museum, located in Ringerike, just a short car or bus tour from Oslo. The museum has an outdoor sculpture park which is a real treat to see and a great place to visit during Easter. Note that the museum (what's inside the buildings) is closed until May 4th, so we recommend going when it's not raining.

Close to Kistefos you can also find the Hadeland Glassverk, where you can experience glassblowing up close (check their Easter opening times here), and get yourself some local handcraft items.

Public holidays during Easter

If this is your first Easter in Norway, be aware that the country has several public holidays, and most people will take extra time off from work.

In Norwegian, Easter is known as påske. The period begins with Palm Sunday, known as palmesøndag (March 24th, 2024). The public holidays are Maundy Thursday - skjærtorsdag (March 27th, 2024) and Good Friday - langfredag March 29th, 2024).

Then, the Saturday of Easter weekend (påskeaften, not a public holiday) precedes Easter Sunday (påskedag or 1. påskedag) on March 31, 2024.

The final public holiday of the period, Easter Monday is known as 2. påskedag (April 1, 2024).

That means that most businesses and shops are closed between Thursday March 28 and Monday April 1, with the exception of Saturday (påskeaften).

Vigeland Monolitten 4 redigert 2473531 Foto Tord Baklund

Photo: VisitOSLO/Tord Baklund

easter oslo

Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

Museums, outdoor sculptures, and art parks

Have you been to any of the museums located in Oslo or in the neighboring cities? See the opening hours of all of the museums here.

Oslo has several major outdoor attractions which offer a good replenishment of both arts, history, and short-distance nature experiences. Vigeland Sculpture Park, at the heart of Frognerparken. Park contains more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland in bronze, granite, and cast iron, including The Angry Boy, The Monolith, and many other sculptures.

Ekebergparken Sculpture Park is another great place to explore during Easter. The artworks that are spread around the whole park are by internationally renowned artists like Louise Bourgeois, James Turrell, Dan Graham, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, and Roni Horn.

Visiting the Rose Castle up in Holmenkollen is well worth a visit. Experience art and strong stories from World War II in a very special setting.

Brim Explorer VO07601 1920 Foto Didrick Stenersen

Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

The Twist Kistefos VO09637 1920

Photo: Visit Norway/ Field Productions

How about testing out the saunas of Oslo?

Have you been swimming in the Oslo fjord before? April might not offer the warmest temperatures in the fjord, but the sauna will certainly warm you up! Test out some of the sauna options in the city, and experience a whole new culture!

KOK Oslo, SALT, Badstuforeningen, Bademaschinen Oslo Fjord Spa offers a variety of drop-in, scheduled, private, group sauna sessions. Maybe you even want to try a sauna-boat, that takes you out on the fjord? Gather some fellow Oslopolitans, and get swimming this easter!

Have you REALLY been on a tour of Oslo?

Nowadays, you can discover Oslo in new ways, through digital maps, apps, and audioguides! These tools will help you get to know the city - turning you into a true Oslopolitan. Using these digital tools will help you explore the city in your own time. This is a nice way to learn something new while also getting in some physical exercise and fresh air. Maybe you can be a tour guide for international friends and family when the borders open up again!

Check out Oslo Spex - a do-it-yourself sightseeing app, and walk the city with the famous Henrik Ibsen. Interested in street art? Check out Visit Oslo's guide to urban art.

You can also join guided tours around the city, in the forest, or with a specific theme. What about a culinary guided tour through Oslo, or exploring "marka"?

Or what about discovering the Oslo fjord?

Join one Brim Explorer's tours in Oslo, either for Yoga, dinner og after-work? Thanks to their hybrid-electric engine, there is minimal noise and vibration that interferes with nature and marine life. It also makes for a quiet experience for the passengers and makes for a great way to tour the fjords.

Do you just want to relax?

Visit Greater Oslo has a great overview of the various spas that can be found in the Oslo region. Highly recommend checking it out if you are ready for something else than "cold, winter and snow".

Learn the most important vocabulary of Norwegian Easter

- Påske - Easter
- Påskeferie - the Easter holidays
- Påskeharen - the Easter Bunny
- Påskeeggjakt - Easter egg hunt
- Påskekylling - Easter chicks
- Påskekrim - Crime novels and series consumed at Easter
- God påske - Happy Easter
- Lam - lamb
- Kvikk Lunsj - a Norwegian chocolate similar to a Kit Kat
- Appelsin - oranges
- Marsipan - marzipan
- Hytte - cabin
- Solvegg - the outdoor wall of a cabin that gets the most direct sunlight
- Solbrun - tanned
- Snø - snow

Not ready to let go of the snow and winter?

Photo on the right: Norefjell Skisenter

There are still skiing possibilities near Oslo, you can take a day trip there using public transportation or private cars.

First - have you been to SNØ in Lørenskog? Just 17 minutes from Oslo you can cross country ski, snowboard or downhill ski, or even try glacier climbing! They have special activities for adults and children during Easter, check out their program here.

Skimore in Tryvann /Oslo and in Kongsberg will be open all during Easter and well-worth a visit!

If you want a bit more mountainous, what about Norefjell Skisenter? Just 2,5 hours from Oslo, short enough for a day trip, but also with lots of accommodation options. Special activities for both adults and children throughout Easter.

Do something you haven't done before

Did you know you can borrow camping equipment for free from Bua? What about borrowing a tent or a hammock and sleep outside at Grefsenkollen, with the view of the glowing city lights when falling asleep. On Finn.no, you might be able to find equipment being sold for an affordable price.

Don't want to go outside?

You can get to know the city, from the comfort of your own home. many of the museums in the Oslo region offers digital museum visits.

Or how about reading Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbø? Discover Oslo by reading the crime fictions books that have become popular across the world.

Photo of woman with bike: Bymiljøetaten/Oslo kommune

How about a concert or festival?

Inferno Metal Festival is on for the first time in two years, but here are also other concerts you can check out.

Discover a new favorite restaurant or bar

Sick and tired cooking and are food-uninspired? Check out the guide for restaurants and bars in the city of Oslo, and see if you can discover new favorites!

Check out the YR weather forecast for Oslo

Enjoy your city Easter - God påske!

Photo: Norefjell Skisenter