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What's the difference between London and Oslo?

Shruthi has lived in India, Malaysia and the United Kingdom and it was first when she came to work in Norway she understood the true value of real work-life balance.


Oslo was in 2022 voted the best city in the world for work-life balance. What would that mean for your well-being?

For Shruthi it means that she gets to have more time with her friends, family and for personal development. Never did she think she would start fishing!

Work-life balance is sacred in Norway, and you will see that Norwegians value flexibility and autonomy at work. The workplace is likely to have a flat structure, and all employees should be valued the same way.

Oslo is therefore known to be a place where you can excel, while at the same time having a personal life.

In Oslo, Shruthi has developed several hobbies and loves to take the metro (t-bane) out to the forest (Nordmarka). In comparison to living in the UK, Malaysia and India, Oslo is the best place she has lived and she does not want to leave.

Did you also know that Oslo is one of the world's greenest cities? With access to parks and the amazing forest (known as Marka) that surrounds the city, you will always have easy access to your favourite hiking path, both summer and winter time.

Living and working in Oslo as a software engineer has its perks!

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Shruthi works as a QA Engineer for Norigin Media in Oslo, read more about the company below.
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Photo: Oslo Region Alliance

In Oslo, Shruthi has gained several hobbies, and loves to take the metro (t-bane) out to the forest (known by Oslopolitans as Marka).


It is easy to get around in Oslo, and with just a tram ride you can get far into the nature to hike, ski, fish and climb. And with the work-life balance here, there's plenty of time to be in nature.

Norigin Media

An Oslo based software company that develops a JavaScript development framework supporting creation of TV Apps. They work for customers like TV2 in Norway and TV4 in Sweden and are serving million of end-user with their technology.

They are an international company with people in Oslo, Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania. In the Oslo office, which is located in the city center, there are employees from over 10 different nationalities.

Norigin partners with Oslopolitan and other companies to recruit international talent to Oslo!