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Worth a visit - Michelin restaurants in Oslo

The Michelin Guide is for many the golden standard for restaurants and chefs and foodies alike await confirmation if their favorite restaurants made it to the list or not. Yesterday - three new stars were awarded to Oslo-based restaurants. Will you make a booking?

Visit oslo andershusa 2016 30 6431613 Foto Anders Husa

Maaemo, Norway's three star Michelin restaurant
Photo: VisitOSLO/Anders Husa - andershusa.com

Four new restaurants were awarded Michelin stars in Norway on Monday, July 4th, and three were Oslo-based restaurants!

That means that Oslo has six Michelin-starred restaurants, in addition to five other restaurants honored as Bib Gourmand and Green Star restaurants.

If you are a foodie, Oslo has just become even more exciting! But hurry up - these restaurants will be booked up soon and it will be hard to get a table.

Welcome to Oslo - a culinary experience!

Visit oslo andershusa 2017 10 6151759 Foto Anders Husa

One Star Michelin - Chefs at Kontrast
Photo: VisitOSLO/Anders Husa - andershusa.com

Visit oslo andershusa 2015 27 6151201 Foto Anders Husa

Bib Gourmand - Smalhans, Oslo
Photo: VisitOSLO/Anders Husa - andershusa.com

A full list of Michelin restaurants in Oslo:

Three Michelin Stars:

Maaemo, Oslo

One Michelin Star:

Hot Shop, Oslo 2022
Hyde, Oslo 2022
Kontrast, Oslo
Schlägergården, Oslo 2022
Statholdergaarden, Oslo

Bib Gourmands:

Smalhans, Oslo

Green Stars*:

Einer, Oslo
FYR Bistronomi & Bar, Oslo
Maaemo, Oslo
Rest., Oslo
Stallen, Oslo

*Michelin Green Stars are awarded to restaurants for their commitment to sustainable gastronomy.

The Young Chef of the Year

A special award was also presented to Jimmy Øien at Rest in Oslo, as he was awarded "The Young Chef of the Year". Øien received the award for his ambitious concept, where nothing is considered waste. In his restaurant, they make first-class food from raw materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.
Rest's focus on sustainability gave them the "Green star" as well.

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Fyr Bistronomi in Oslo has Michelin Green Star.
Video by Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr, Nordic food bloggers

Did you know that Norway is the most awarded country in the Bocose D'Or? Check out this article by Visit Norway.

Bocuse d’Or is a biennial world chef championship that takes place in Lyon, France. Candidates representing 24 countries give their all in hopes of winning the most prestigious prize in modern cuisine.

Since the competition was first held in 1987, Norway has won five gold, three silver, and four bronze medals.