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How is it to live and work in Oslo?

We talked with Josie and Cem about their experiences of living and working in Oslo.

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Josie Neumann, 26-years-old working in Oslo since 2019.

Josie works in the podcasting industry for Swedish Fintech and loves it in Oslo!
She moved to Oslo in 2019, primarily for work, but also to experience the Scandinavian work-life balance:

- "Balancing work and social life in Oslo is very simple because everything is close together that there is no excuse not to have a coffee on the way home."

Her favourite spot is St.hanshaugen which is one of Oslo's largest parks. This popular recreational area is great for walks, and from the top of the hill you have a nice view of Oslo

- "I love St.hanshaugen, it's the 'coziest' area in my personal opinion."

See the whole interview in the video below:

Josie Neumann - Works in the podcasting industry

Cem Örsel, 32-year-old Software developer

Cem has been living in Oslo for the past 2,5 years and loves the short distance between nature and the city centre.

- "If I am in a more festive mood, I like walking from Stortinget to Akerbrygge. There are a lot of pubs and bars and I can go to several places where I can grab a drink or have something to eat. At the same time, If I want something to do in nature, I can take a tram and go to the forests surrounding the city".

He also benefits from the offerings related to work and life balance.

- "We have decent working hours and good vacation days as well. It's good to know that you have plenty of time off work to engage in your own life and spend time however you want to outside work".

See the whole interview in the video below:

Cem Örsel - Software Developer at Appear