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The Norwegian Gaming Industry

The Norwegian gaming industry needs more international talent to further growth!


Photo: Florian Olivo

To get an overview of the potential and the development in the Norwegian gaming industry, it is important to have a strong knowledge base.

Interested in gaming? It is a multi-billion dollar industry that generates millions of jobs worldwide (also in Norway!) and engages around 2.8 billion users (gamers) on a yearly basis. Working in the Gaming industry is no longer for just a few specific individuals with a personal interest, video and computer games are now mainstream.

Here are some tips on how to land a job in the gaming industry

Check out some of the Norwegian Gaming companies, ones in bold are located in the Oslo region:

- Bertheussen IT, creator of Word Feud and Race Day

- Krillbite Studios, creator of Sunlight Mosaic, Among the Sleep, and the Plan, based in Hamar

- D-Pad Studio, creators of Owlboy, based in Bergen

- Dirty bit, creators of Fun Run, based in Bergen

- FUNCOM, creator of Conan Exiles, The Longest Journey, and Secret World Legends, with offices in Oslo

- Hyper games, creators of Mørkredd and plenty more, based in Oslo

- Kristianix, creators of Jigsaw puzzles, based in Lier

- Henchman & Goon, creator of Pode, based in Bergen

- Megapop, creator of Haxity and Troll Vs. Viking, based in Oslo

- MISC GAMES, creator of Fishing: North Atlantic and others, based in Stavanger

- Ravn Studio, creator of Flåklypa and other games, based in Drammen

- Rock Pocket Games, creator of Moons of Madness, based in Tønsberg

- SnowCastle Games, creator of Earthlock among others, based in Oslo

- Red Thread Games, creator of Dreamfall Chapters, Draugen and Dustborn, based in Oslo

Interested in more information?
Check out venture capital firm SNÖ's overview of the Norwegian gaming industry

Competence needs in the Norwegian gaming industry

Annual reports show that the gaming industry has had significant growth. Several Norwegian Gaming companies are experiencing increased turnover and increased user base.
The government’s plan for the Gaming industry points out that lack of competence in the gaming industry is the biggest hurdle to further growth. The development in recent years shows the potential, however, this requires access to expertise within the field. Even though Sweden is far ahead, they do face the same challenges as Norway. The Norwegian gaming industry describes an education system that fails to graduate enough game developers for the vacancies that exist, so the companies are dependent on recruiting from abroad.

Do you want to get notified if there is a job for you in the Norwegian gaming industry?

Check out the Talent Pool

Norwegian cultural conveying through gaming

  • Conan Exiles represents wide international gaming culture, which appeals to a wide audience
  • Draugen by Red Thread Games, Fishing: Barents Sea (MISC Games), and My Child Lebensborn Teknopilot/Sarepta Studio represents distinctive Norwegian stories and culture.
  • Pode by Henchman & Goon – the style of art and the music is inspired by Norwegian culture and art. Pode won the Nordic Game Awards for “Best Art 2019”

Pode by Henchman & Goon won 'Best Art' at Nordic Gaming Awards 2019


Conan Exhiles by Funcom


Norwegian nature in Draugen by Red Thread Games

For complete report by Virke og Produsentforeningen.