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World´s first job ad in space!

In their search for intelligent life, the city of Horten have launched the world’s first job advertisement into space. Because? They want the brightest minds out there to join their Horten-based companies!

Horten love

The city of Horten, south of Oslo is becoming a technology epicenter, attracting the smartest heads from around the world.

To name just a few things, companies in Horten:

  1. launch intelligent submarine robots and rockets into space (that would be Kongsberg Discovery and Massterly ).
  2. deliver medical equipment that saves lives (meet two of the companies Medistim and GE Healthcare).
  3. offer technology that allows NASA to make precise measurements on Mars (☎ earth calling from Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace).

💥 Impressive right? 💥

These are the kinds of challenges we love. Because innovation has been part of Horten culture since the Viking Age.

And that’s why they want to think big – even when recruiting.

Just like the rest of the world, they need to attract technological experts, and we don’t mind admitting we need to expand our search a little 🚀

That’s why we’re sending the world’s most high-tech job advertisement into space – in the hope of finding intelligent life.
If it’s out there, we want it here – in Horten!

In this idyllic little town, it is perfectly alright to be a little ‘out of this world’. They’re a diverse community with a space for everyone and everything, and almost nothing is more than a meteorite’s throw away.

Did you know that they top the statistics for the number of orchards per capita, and are proud of ‘stress’ and ‘queues’ being alien to our vocabulary.

Enjoy a life by the sea; in Horten, the Oslo Fjord can be seen from just about every rooftop.

The city of Horten have over 40 technology companies on the look-out for intelligent talents who want to create the solutions for the future.

In Horten you can work with complex technology and simultaneously enjoy an uncomplicated life.

Explore the companies and career opportunities:


Horten Tech Fest

Launching of the job description into space at Horten Tech Festival in October 2023

Horten. Complicated technology - uncomplicated life 🤓 Horten wants you!