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Invest in the Oslo region

Looking for investment opportunities? Consider Oslo and the companies located here and you will invest in a better future.

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Photo: Ben Esteves/Unsplash

Have you visited Oslo lately? It's impossible to not notice the large cranes building brand new city districts, the redevelopment of properties along the harbor, which are spiced up with the openings of world-class museums, such as the Munch museum and the new National Museum. But it is not only city development that's exciting in Oslo at the moment, but also our investment opportunities that are booming.

💡Be inspired by four investment-ready sectors in Oslo🚀

We want to highlight four sectors that have great potential for your investment.
Read more about Health, Green Energy, Applied AI, and Green Tech, Industrial Software & Research opportunities. Suggested sectors, clusters and companies are listed in the articles.

International financial investors have become more active in investing in Norwegian tech companies in recent years, accelerating the development.

Did you know?

Norway is transitioning from an oil & gas-dominated economy to a more diversified portfolio including rapid growth within the tech ecosystem. 2021 was a remarkable year in Norway, with three new companies reaching unicorn status (Gelato, Oda, Cognite), with a total of 6.

More money was invested in Norwegian tech companies in 2021 than ever before. A significant increase in private rounds, up almost 40% from last year to a record high 301 funding rounds. The accumulated funding amount increased even more, up 260% to a record high of 17.5BNOK.

Norway is repeatedly ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live in, and scoring high on the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” index.

More investment-related news and sources

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- More info, links, and tips can be found on Oslopolitan's pages on investment opportunities, and feel free to let us know if there is anything we can help with.

- Invest in Norway (hosted by Innovation Norway) can help if your company is looking to enter Norway.

- Green Visits can help you meet and learn about green and sustainable companies in our region.

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What about Oslo?

Oslo - the capital and biggest city in Norway.

Oslo has close to 700 000 inhabitants, and the Oslo Region has 2,5 million.
43 percent of the Norwegian population lives in the region.

47 percent of all companies in Norway are based in the Oslo region.

66% increase of scaleups between 2010-2019.

In 2020-21, Oslo was the 33rd most visible city globally.

40 percent of all of the jobs in Norway are located in the region, with a focus on knowledge-intensive business services, finance, real estate, commerce, creative industries, health, and various types of personal service ventures.

Oslo is situated in the southeast part of Norway, just a one-hour flight from both Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Lowest unemployment among the Nordic countries: 4,6 %

Oslo Airport is the second busiest airport in the Nordics (pre-Covid and busiest during COVID).

Invest Oslo diversity
Invest Oslo Equality

Invest in Green Energy

– We are rapidly becoming large in the renewable energy sector and I believe Oslo will be an energy capital in the future

Preben Strøm is the managing director for Energy Valley, a Norwegian center of expertise for energy technologies. They work as a national instrument for the Norwegian Government and for the industry to accelerate the energy transition and help members become more competitive and find new business opportunities in a changing market. We asked him about the investment opportunities in the energy sector right now.

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Preben Strøm
Managing Director
Energy Valley

Invest in Green Energy

Invest in Applied AI

– It’s an exciting time to tap into the ecosystems of AI in Norway

Marianne Jansson Bjerkman is the Cluster Manager for Cluster for Applied AI, a new business cluster that is focusing on the adoption of AI in Norway. Here are some of her tips to European investors considering the Norwegian market.

Read the article or see the video


Marianne Bjerkman
Head of Cluster
Cluster of Applied AI

Invest in Applied Ai

Invest in Health

– In Norway you have a system set for high growth in research and innovation

Jeremy McCrohan is a busy guy. He is currently the Head of IR in Norway Health Tech, Head of Operations for the NHIN, CFO of PubGene, and works a lot with investors and companies within health in both Norway and abroad. In other words, he is the perfect guy to give some advice to European investors considering the Norwegian market.
Read the article or see the video


Jeremy McCrohan
Head of Investor Relations
Norwegian Health Investment Network

Invest in Health

Invest in Green Tech & Research

– Many of the Norwegian institutes are in the lead when it comes to finding new solutions to batteries, hydrogen and solar energy

Anne Strømmen Lycke is the CEO of the Norwegian research institute NORSAR. She believes that the institute sector’s main goal is to listen to and monitor the Earth to create a safer society. The sector is currently doing research for the industry, and are at the very applied end of research projects. Anne has gathered some tips to investors looking to invest in the Norwegian institute sector.

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Anne Lycke

Batteries, hydrogen and solar energy
Invest In Oslo - main film

I think about a city
I'm thinking about Oslo...

Industry opportunities in Norway

Innovation Norway and Invest in Norway is promoting specific industry opportunities within Data Centers, Battery Tech, Green Industry, Life Sciences, Ocean Tech, Digitalisation, Travel and Tourism.

In Oslo there are many sectors that we could highlight, but below comes four we want to showcase as unique and promising investment opportunities.

- Green Energy

- Applied AI

- Health

- Green Tech & Research

Reach out if you want tips for other sectors or contact with specific municipalities in the Oslo region.