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Key reasons to invest in the Oslo Region

Norway is more than fjord, fish, and oil. Get to know the international, innovative, and highly competitive region of Oslo🚀

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➡Forbes says it best: "The last three years have seen talent, companies, innovation and investors flocking to Norway. More money was invested in Norwegian tech companies in 2021 than ever before" (Forbes, article April 5, 2022)

- Oslo is compact with short distances geographically, but also between people. We are an egalitarian society.

- Oslo is digital, by being one of the global top 10 cities for the most prepared, willing, and able to take advantage of next-generation technology as well as offering superb access to digital infrastructure

- Oslo has both the knowledge and talent, with access to more than 15 higher education institutions and more than 100 000 students. Public education is free, and the region has a large number of research institutions, performing research for both the public and private sectors.

- Oslo is connected with both planes and trains connecting Oslo to the international community. Oslo Airport is the second busiest in the Nordics, with connections all around the world.

- Oslo is innovative - creating several science districts across town. The first one - Oslo Science City - will connect nearly 30,000 employees and students, 8,000 researchers, 10,000 hospital staff, and 1,000 organizations, including one of Europe’s largest hospitals, a leading University, numerous research institutes, and several incubators.- Oslo is green and ambitious, from being named the European Green Capital in 2019, and is one of the first cities in the world to have a climate budget, to creating a car-free city center. All plans have a strong commitment to the sustainable development of business and economic growth across Oslo.

- Oslo is the hub of more than 50 professional clusters or networking organizations to support business development and growth, especially in fields of environmental and energy technology, bio-economy, life sciences, and ICT systems.

- Oslo is an attractive place to live with easy access to nature, world-class museums, performances, dining, and concert experiences known only in true metropolitan cites.

To close, Norway is known for its stable and prosperous economy, safe and transparent democracy, and for being an open and international economy, and all of that is true for Oslo as well.

🚀Six unicorns and counting: meet the Norwegian tech stars by Oslo Business Region

💡Read McKinsey&Co's report "Norway Tomorrow", and see for yourself what is the next ten opportunities for Norway will be (English summary).

Mc Kinsey

Ten opportunities for Norway

1. Hydrogen

2. Offshore wind

3. Batteries

4. Carbon capture and storage

5. Green maritime industry

6. Industrial software

7. Consumer platforms

8. Circularity

9. Aquaculture

10. Tourism

Illustration by McKinsey&Co, from the report "Norway Tomorrow", 2022.

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