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Combining family life with a career in software development

Sometimes you get disappointed when you travel to a new place and your expectations don't correlate with what it really is. That's not Zheng's experience of moving to Oslo!

Zheng 16x9

For the 10th year running, Norwegians have been ranked among the happiest people on Earth by the World Happiness Report, a UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network publication that draws on global survey data from people in about 150 countries.

This translates to the rights and opportunities you have as a family in Norway, as the social support you receive from the government (even as foreigners) and from employers are both generous.

Zheng felt secure in her position despite being on maternity leave, as the right to maternity and paternity leave is a protected right in Norway. And thanks to gender equality, Norway is a great place for both parents and children. Companies have since the pandemic offered flexibility, and many can continue with home office which works well with both kindergarten hours and other responsibilities one has with children.

When having a family in Oslo, there are many activities one can do. Check out Visit Oslo's guide for things to do as a family, and Google is filled with tips from blogs and others on what to do as a family here.

A spreadsheet to determine where to live!

Jimmy Byrum, the CTO at Variable traveled around Europe to find the best place for his family and created a spreadsheet with ratings of the best cities based on several factors. This is maybe helpful for you as well?
Hint - Oslo came out on top!

Thinking about relocating as Zheng and Jimmy? There is a great need for software engineers in Oslo, and there are plenty of opportunities that will work well for your career as well as your family!

Living and working in Oslo as a software engineer has its perks!

Do you want to find career opportunities in Oslo region? Join the Oslo Talent Pool, and get matched with Norwegian companies.

Zheng works as a senior front-end engineer for Aidn in Oslo, read more about the company below.
They are currently recruiting backend developers, front-end developers, software developer, technical lead/engineering lead/team lead! Is that you? Register in the Oslo Talent Pool today!


Before coming to Norway, Zhang had heard that Norwegian nature was very beautiful and that Norwegians were very friendly, and luckily it was true!


Oslo's food scene is very internationalized, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Did you know we also have Michelin restaurants in Oslo?


Aidn is a Norwegian tech startup building the next generation of collaboration tools for clinicians, patients, and next of kin.

We are challenging today’s outdated systems and developing something brand new. This is the largest investment in e-health platforms Norwegian Municipalities have ever seen.

As an engineer, you will create and develop software applications on a greenfield software-as-a-service for the Norwegian health sector. You will be working in an autonomous cross-functional team consisting of full-time, and highly skilled, product managers, designers, and backend- & frontend engineers.

Aidn partners with Oslopolitan and other companies to recruit international talent to Oslo!

Getting an education in Norway

Higher education is for the most part free in Norway (public universities), and at the master's level most programs are offered in English. This makes Norway a very popular country to study in. Learn more about education opportunities in the Oslo region, and check out the Study in Norway website.

Zheng came to Norway to study at NTNU in Trondheim, and she received a master's degree in Healthcare Informatics in 2013. Since then she has worked for several Norwegian employers, and she started working for Aidn in September 2022.