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I'm thinking about moving to Oslo and the region

Fjords and forests, festivals and food. Oslo is one of the most exciting European cities at the moment, mixing Nordic cool with continental charm. No wonder you’re considering joining the fun! Whether you have been thinking about moving to Oslo for a long time, or just started looking into it, relocating to a new country can be a daunting experience. From D-number and visa to resident permits, housing and cost of living - here is everything you need to know before moving to Oslo.

If you’ve already moved to Oslo, please have a look through our «Work in the Oslo region» section, which provides you with everything you need to know once you’ve arrived.

  1. 01 Do I need a job?
  2. 02 Recognition of foreign education
  3. 03 Secure your residence permit
  4. 04 How to get a D-number or national identification number
  5. 05 Open a Norwegian bank account
  6. 06 How to find housing in Oslo
  7. 07 Bring your family
  8. 08 Relocation services & toll
  9. 09 Cost of living in Oslo
  10. 10 Weather & climate in Oslo
  11. 11 Things to consider & what to expect in Oslo
  12. 12 Are you moving to Oslo as a student?
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08 Relocation services & toll

What are you bringing with you to Norway?

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Customs and toll - what can you bring?

You can bring your furniture and household goods duty-free if you plan to move permanently, and make sure to check the electrical outlets and voltage compatibility. Remember to follow the customs regulations for exempt items, and find out the requirements for transferring your pets to Norway.

Even though a lot of things will be new in Oslo, your furniture doesn’t have to be. If you have owned and used your household objects abroad for longer than a year, you may import your furniture and other household goods free of duties. This only applies if you are planning to move to Norway on a permanent basis, and if the household goods are imported for personal use.

Good to know

It might be useful to know that Norway uses electrical outlets with 220 Volts built with two round electrical plugs (type C & F). If you are bringing electrical appliances from countries that use the same voltage as Norway, all you will need is an adapter and voilà - it’s lit!

What and how to declare

In order to be exempt from customs and duty, you will need to make an inventory list and submit a declaration to Norwegian Customs upon arrival. If you are unable to be present when the goods arrive, you need to make sure that your transfer company or those bringing your goods can present the declaration for you.

There are a few exceptions which are not exempt from duties and taxis, such as food products, vehicles, alcohol, weapons, plants and animals. You can find the full list onNorwegian Customs.

Bringing your pet to Oslo

If you want to bring your pet - dogs cats and ferrets have to be identified by a microchip or clearly readable tattoo. Different animals will need different vaccines. You can read about the rules for animal transfer on Norwegian Customs.