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I have moved to Oslo and the region

You’ve moved to Oslo, found a job and a place to live. Congratulations and velkommen! Once here, you might have a few questions about working in Norway – from paid vacation to taxes and health services. We have gathered the most crucial information you need in order to find your feet.

If you haven’t yet sorted out your visa, D-number or bank account, please have a look through our “Moving to Oslo? A Practical Guide” section, which provides you with everything you need to know in order to be allowed to work and live in Oslo.

  1. 01 Norwegian working culture
  2. 02 Rights and opportunities
  3. 03 Health care & services
  4. 04 Schools and kindergarten
  5. 05 The Norwegian tax system
  6. 06 Find a job in Norway
  7. 07 How to start a company in the Oslo region
  8. 08 Navigate the startup ecosystem
  9. 09 Continuing education
  10. 10 Learn the Norwegian language
  11. 11 Getting around Oslo and the region
  12. 12 Obtaining and Exchanging a Driver's License in Norway
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06 Find a job in Norway

You might have a job already, but you may want to apply for another one in the future.

Startup Oslo Business Region Kristoffer Hunstad Kopi

Photo: Kristoffer Hunstad/Oslo Business Region

The main portal for job seekers in Norway is the online marketplace finn.no or Arbeidsplassen at NAV. Here you can find all sorts of jobs within a range of fields. It could also be wise to visit industry specific portals online or the companies you wish to work for - oftentimes they publish open vacancies on their websites.

The job market in Oslo can be fierce, and language is often the main barrier for international expats. Most jobs require Norwegian language, so it is a good idea to have a basic knowledge of Norwegian before applying for jobs. There are certain industries where it is more common that the working language is English however, such as ICT, shipping, oil, gas and academia.

Startups and scaleups in Oslo are craving skilled workers within disciplines such as tech & IT, product and business development. They offer global talent the opportunity to build their careers and have a good life in Oslo. Check Oslo Business Region overview of the startup community, maybe there are ways for you to network?

If you want to learn more about recognition of foreign education and regulated professions, please have a look through our “Moving to Oslo? A Practical Guide” section.