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I have moved to Oslo and the region

You’ve moved to Oslo, found a job and a place to live. Congratulations and velkommen! Once here, you might have a few questions about working in Norway – from paid vacation to taxes and health services. We have gathered the most crucial information you need in order to find your feet.

If you haven’t yet sorted out your visa, D-number or bank account, please have a look through our “Moving to Oslo? A Practical Guide” section, which provides you with everything you need to know in order to be allowed to work and live in Oslo.

  1. 01 Norwegian working culture
  2. 02 Rights and opportunities
  3. 03 Health care & services
  4. 04 Schools and kindergarten
  5. 05 The Norwegian tax system
  6. 06 Find a job in Norway
  7. 07 How to start a company in the Oslo region
  8. 08 Navigate the startup ecosystem
  9. 09 Continuing education
  10. 10 Learn the Norwegian language
  11. 11 Getting around Oslo and the region
  12. 12 Obtaining and Exchanging a Driver's License in Norway
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10 Learn the Norwegian language

The Norwegian language might sound strange - but learning it is often easier than expected (or so the expats say!).

Christmas market at Bygdøy, girl receiving a jar of jam, norwegian language

Christmas Market at Bygdøy
Photo: Christoffer Sandmark/Visit Norway

Learning Norwegian will be key to understanding Norway from the inside. Even in Oslo, most jobs require knowledge of Norwegian language and it is easier to get to know people when speaking their own language.

- If you hold a residence permit for work outside the EU/EEA, you may not have the right to free Norwegian language training, but you may have an obligation to complete a certain amount of tuition if you want to apply for a permanent residence permit.

- If you are an EU/EEA citizen residing in Norway, Norwegian language lessons are not mandatory.

You can sign up for a language course at one of the many language schools available, such as Folkeuniversitetet or University of Oslo. If you prefer to learn the language on your own accord, you can find many resources at the library or online.

Skills Norway (Kompetanse Norge) and the University of Oslo have collected lists of recommended resources you can use to learn Norwegian.

For further tips on how to learn Norwegian on a budget, this overview from the Welcome to Oslo (Oslo municipality) is useful.

Check out Norwegian With Tor's article on how to build you career, AND get a 50% discount on his courses.

Learn Norwegian through Oslo based film and tv-series

We can also recommend watching Norwegian TV-shows and movies to pick up Norwegian! What about these Oslo favorites?

  • Skam (NRK (free), youth TV-series)
  • Beforeingers (HBO Max, Sci-fi series)
  • Exit (NRK (free), Drama series)
  • The World's Worst Person (Drama film, nominated for Oscar)
  • Max Manus (Drama film about the resistance movement during WWII)
Skam pressebilde

Skam TV-series

Photo: NRK pressebilder/NRK.

Worst person in the world press photo

Photo: Worst person in the world