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I have moved to Oslo and the region

You’ve moved to Oslo, found a job and a place to live. Congratulations and velkommen! Once here, you might have a few questions about working in Norway – from paid vacation to taxes and health services. We have gathered the most crucial information you need in order to find your feet.

If you haven’t yet sorted out your visa, D-number or bank account, please have a look through our “Moving to Oslo? A Practical Guide” section, which provides you with everything you need to know in order to be allowed to work and live in Oslo.

  1. 01 Norwegian working culture
  2. 02 Rights and opportunities
  3. 03 Health care & services
  4. 04 Schools and kindergarten
  5. 05 The Norwegian tax system
  6. 06 Find a job in Norway
  7. 07 How to start a company in the Oslo region
  8. 08 Navigate the startup ecosystem
  9. 09 Continuing education
  10. 10 Learn the Norwegian language
  11. 11 Getting around Oslo and the region
  12. 12 Obtaining and Exchanging a Driver's License in Norway
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11 Getting around Oslo and the region

Oslo is well connected with public transport, with several metro lines, trams, buses and taxi services.

public transport oslo electric ferry Oslo fjord

Photo: Christine Baglo/VisitNorway.com

Public transport in Oslo

You buy a ticket on the Ruter app. This is also where you buy a weekly, monthly or yearly pass.
You can even take the boat out to islands on the Ruter app.

If you live outside of Oslo, Brakar or Østfold Kollektivtrafikk might be the local public transport provider. The app Entur shows all public transport options you have near by, regardless of where you are in Norway. Often you can even buy tickets through Entur.

Other means of transport

Due to its smaller size, Oslo is also a great city to explore on foot, if you fancy burning off some steam or enjoying the fresh air.

Cycling is popular too, and there are subscription service for city bikes avaliable. Have a look at The City of Oslo (Oslo kommune) for cycling routes and other cycling resources, as well as information on Oslo transport in general.

You can also check out Visit Oslo for transport tips.

Also, Oslo is an inclusive destination for visitors with a disability, ranking 4th in Europe, and one of the greenest most compact capitals in the world - expect to get most places in less than 20 minutes by public transport.
Who needs Paris right?

Parking and driving

Driving in Oslo is also an option, but be aware that there are few parking spots available in the city centre, and those available are often in demand. With the app Bil i Oslo, paying for parking is easy. Some places you need to pay a yearly fee for street parking in your residential area. You can also use the app for that.

Did you know you can easily hire cars for short and long term? It's not like leasing, it's more convenient and less commitment. If you need to rent a car for a weekend, a month or a year, check out Hyre, Otto, Fleks, iMove, Shft, Swap and others.

Check out the video by Norway with Pål to learn more about the public transport system in Oslo.